Finish line, J class Falmouth Regatta 2012

Welcome to Fitz Marine Photography. Brendan Fitzgerald began work as a professional photographer whilst travelling the world and teaching Underwater Photography in the late-nineties.

Since then Brendan has gone on to set up Fitz Marine Photography and provides energetic, hands-on professional photography and videography above and below the surface!

With bases in Falmouth and Portsmouth, Brendan provides stunning photography and videography for projects on the water, whether you want a personal portfolio of your yacht or you want to document an entire sailing project, Brendan has the ability to capture images that truly reflect the movement and exhilaration of being on the water.

Brendan’s experience in diving and sailing, and his ability to travel and shoot both nationally and internationally means that he can get to grips quickly with any project in or on the water. To date his work has featured in Yachting World, Yachting Monthly, several national broadsheets and international diving publications.

We felt it important to record the experience of spending over eighty days at sea non stop in a hostile and unforgiving environment where trust among crew members can literally be the difference between life and death. I was grateful this task was undertaken by professional photographer Brendan Fitzgerald who captured the mood expertly on film and camera whilst being tested to the limited during several mid ocean search and rescue operations.

–Vincent Fawcett Skipper of ‘Desiderata’ Support Yacht for 2009 Indian Rowing Race.